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Version summary

IOS DescriptionIOS VersionNotes
BRHS recommended(tick)12.0.1All users are okay to upgrade


Beta(thumbs down)12.1 beta 3(warning) Beta versions are not permitted on BRHS iPads



Current iPad issues

This includes any reported IOS, app, or other compatibility issue reported by Brother Rice users.

LinkSummaryIOS versionAppDetails
CNG-330Schoology app doesn't allow TurnitinNot iOS version dependent


The Schoology app doesn't allow Turnitin assignments.

Workaround: use Safari and navigate to to submit to Turnitin.

 Internal Jira issues

Key Summary Created Reporter Status Affected Version/s



Resolved iPad issues

This includes all recently resolved issues that were reported to BRHS iPad users.

LinkSummaryIOS versionAppResolution
CNG-307Schoology iOS app not working11.0+
  • Schoology
Schoology resolved the issue, no updates or other actions required by end users.
CNG-298AirPrint issues after upgrading to iOS 1111.0+
  • AirPrint

Internal services updates to compatible versions as of .

CNG-274Notability crashes when loadingN/A
  • Notability (6.5.0)

Update to version 6.5.1 of Notability as of .

CNG-233Casper Focus can't login10.0.1
  • Casper Focus
After upgrading to 10.0.1, Teachers are unable to login to Casper Focus
CNG-194Casper Focus removed folders9.3
  • Casper Focus
This was fixed before the final release of iOS 9.3.
CNG-173eText app renders iPad slow/unresponsive9.0+
  • Pearson eText 2.0 for schools
Update Pearson eText 2.0 for Schools to version 1.2.2 as of .
CNG-145Gradebook zoomed in Safari9.0+
  • Safari
Update to Campus.1545 on .
CNG-149Pearson eBooks won't display9.0.1, 9.0.2
  • Pearson eText for Schools
Upgrade Pearson eText for Schools as of .
CNG-153YouTube upload fails8.x
  • Explain Everything
Upgrade to IOS 9 or see workarounds.
CNG-144(warning) Safari missing Open In options9.0, 9.0.1
  • Safari
Upgrade to IOS 9.0.2.
CNG-150Cannot AirPrint from Google Docs9.0+
  • Docs, Slides, Sheets 
All Google apps updated as of .
CNG-141The Economist shows only partial articles9.0+
  • The Economist
The Economist app updated as of .
CNG-142Moodle Mobile Unexpected Error9.0+
  • Moodle Mobile
Moodle Mobile app updated as of .
 Internal Jira issues

Key Summary Created Reporter Status Affected Version/s



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