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Brother Rice is offering an optional insurance policy for BRHS-issued iPads. This insurance is offered to students for $55/school year with no deductible for claims. This is a great plan for anyone worried about theft or vandalism!


This coverage is in addition to the limited warranty (AppleCare) that comes with BRHS iPads. However, depending on the circumstances of any Accidental Damage, Brother Rice, at it's discretion, may opt to have the iPad repaired via AppleCare. In these cases, any AppleCare fee is still the responsibility of the student as outlined in the iPad Agreement.

Theft and Vandalism

To submit a claim in cases of theft or vandalism, Brother Rice will file a police report with the municipality where the theft or vandalism took place. Cooperation with this effort is a requirement of this policy. Police reports can take up to five business days to be made available to the School.


Insurance with Worth Ave. Group provides coverage for unlimited incidents of the following:
(Bold indicates coverage not offered by AppleCare+.) 

 (tick)  Accidental Damage (includes drops, cracked screens, liquid spills)

 (tick)  Liquid Submersion

 (tick)  Theft

 (tick)  Vandalism

 (tick)  Natural Disasters

 (tick)  Fire/Flood Damage

 (tick)  Power Surge by Lightning


Purchase Insurance from Mobile Device

Click here to purchase insurance using a Mobile Device


Additional information

  • Cost of insurance policy is $55/school year with no deductible for claims.
  • The insurance policy provides full replacement cost coverage and protects the device worldwide (on and off school grounds). 
  • Claims are handled by Brother Rice Technology Department with loaner iPad for use by student.
  • The insurance policy is transferable to a replacement unit.
  • Police reports are required for Theft and Vandalism claims.




Have additional questions?

Contact the Technology Department with any questions.










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